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Lords Chloro Alkalies Limited
Lords Chloro Alkalies Limited
Lords Chloro Alkalies Limited
Lords Chloro Alkalies Limited
Lords Chloro Alkalies Limited
Lords Chloro Alkalies Limited
Lords Chloro Alkalies Limited
Lords Chloro Alkalies Limited

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Trichloroethylene (T.C.E.)

trichloroethylene manufacturersA versatile industrial solvent
Trichloroethylene (TCE) is a versatile solvent with wide commercial applications, chiefly due to its physical properties. It has high solvent power, is nonflammable and is practically insoluble in water. It is chemically stable under operating conditions. All this contributes to its popularity as a cleaning agent.

The Low latent heat, low boiling point, low viscosity and high vapour density of TCE make it ideal for vapour degreasing of metal parts without problems of handling. TCE is rapidly replacing other cleaning processes such as emulsion, alkaline and steam cleaning.

TCE is a clear, almost colourless, volatile liquid with a characteristic odour. It is highly soluble in ether and alcohol and is miscible with most organic solvents while being practically insoluble in water.

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Metal cleaning, finishing and vapour degresing:
Cold, ultrasonic and vapour degreasing of metal parts between fabrication steps and before finishing or assembly, surface preparation of metal parts for galvanising, anodising, electro plating, painting and bonding.

For quick removal of oils and waxes in dip coating of rust preventing formulations, the oil and grease covered parts are placed in an atmosphere of TCE vapour. The hot vapour condenses immediately on the cold metal surface, dissolving the oils and greases and flushing them. The work heats to the vapour temperature in minutes, leaving the work clean, dry and ready for further treatment.

Solvent extraction:
Extraction of vegetable oils, waxes, animal fats, caffeine, cocoa butter, essential oils, pharmaceuticals, for recovery of oils and grease from waste, rags and paper, turnings etc.

Chemical Processes:
In dehydration and purification of many chemicals, as a reactant for manufacture of various halohydrocarbons and other chemicals, as an additive for promoting polymerisation of monomers etc.

Other Uses:
  • TCE is a good heat transfer medium in the temperature range of -73°C to 120°C and is used in simulating out door conditions in material testing.
  • Used as a coolant for cutting tantalum and other special metals.
  • Used as a freezing point depressant, especially in fire extinguisher fluids.
  • Soaps containing TCE are used as disinfectants and insecticides.
  • Used in making rubber cements, bone glue and adhesive activators.
  • As a solvent for paints, lacquers, dyes, oils, fats, waxes, resins, halohydrocarbons and many other chemicals.
  • Used in textile industry for removing spots, recovering oils and greases, sizing and dry-cleaning.
Physical Properties
1. Chemical Formula CHCI = CCI2
2. Physical State at Room Temperature Liquid
3. Appearance Almost Colourless
4. Flash Point Nonflammable
5. Vapour Pressure at 20°C 68mm Hg
6. Boiling Point at 760mm Hg 86.7°C
  400mm Hg 67.0°C
  100mm Hg 31.4°C
  10mm Hg -12.4°C
  1mm Hg -43.8°C
7. Vapour Density (Air-1) 4.5
8. Freezing Point -87.1°C
9. Molecular Weight 131.40
10. Specific Gravity at 20/20°C 1.464
11. Refractive Index at 20°C 1.4782
  27°C 1.4735
12. Specific Heat at 80C 0.225 cal/ gm/ C
13. Dielectric Constant at 16C 3.42
  20°C 3.27
14. Latent Heat of Vaporisation 57.2 cal/ gm
15. Evaporation Number 3.6
16. Surface Tension at 25°C 32 Dynes/ cm
17. Viscosity at 20°C 0.58cp
18. Solubility in water at 25°C 0.11% w/w
19 Solubility of water at 25°C 0.333% w/w
20. Kauri-Batanol Number 115.0

Type1 Type2
Releative density at 27/ 27°C 1.452 to 1.458 1.447to 1.458
Residue on Evaporation mg/ 100 ml max. 15 15
Distillation yield between 86 and 88 C at 760 mm Hg Percent by volume, min. 95 95
Alkalinity (as Na2 Co3) by weight max% 0.005to 0.02 0.0025
Free Chlorine Nil Nil
Water, CPM 150 max 150 max
Colour, Pt Co, APHA 30 max 30 max
Non Volatile matter, epm 100 max 100 max

Handling and Storage
TCE may be employed in the presence or absence of air, water and light with any of the common metals, at temperatures upto 120C. It is practically nonflammable at normal room temperature. If exposed to sudden high temperatures, it may evolve toxic gases due to decomposition. The solvent should be kept neutral or alkaline in pH and free of corrosion products.

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